CREATIVE WRITING Momentous evil is noxious, spiteful, an obsession of malicious intent. However it can be more than that, a complete disregard towards anything other than survival and self-replication, the perfect predator only comprehends their own survival, does not offer the slightest trace of compassion. A perfect predator can survive forever without sustenance, without respiring and in […]

First Scene: General Aung San’s Assassination (1947) Luc Besson uses several different visual techniques such as color, lighting and camera shots and angles to show subtle indicators of future and current events as well as giving an insight into the mind of the characters. The first scene I will be analyzing is the assassination of […]

Practice scene analysis: General Ne Win’s suspicions and control 1) Scene 1: First impressions of General Ne Win: Shifty: doesn’t make eye contact, talks quietly, seemingly nervous, touching his face. What is he doing when he is first introduced? talking about Anng Sang Suu Kyi,  What do you see? (visual techniques) guards wearing red bandanas. represents communism, […]

In the book “Nothing to Envy” written by Barbara Demick, Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il are depicted in propaganda posters, displayed in the worship rooms and surround their people in a cult of personality, teaching the reader that the most effective villain is one which attracts and repels. Both of these “Great Leaders” […]

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