22nd September 2017

3.4 Creative In a foreign setting


Momentous evil is noxious, spiteful, an obsession of malicious intent. However it can be more than that, a complete disregard towards anything other than survival and self-replication, the perfect predator only comprehends their own survival, does not offer the slightest trace of compassion. A perfect predator can survive forever without sustenance, without respiring and in the harshest conditions imaginable. A perfect predator is only constricted by its ability to reproduce, a being that is consumed by the will to dominate, to overtake and surpass anything less able than it. And as a perfect predator anything less than it is a category that broadens to the entire animal kingdom. A being that uses every aspect of its being as an advantage; its small size as camouflage; a deception. It is able to use its preys environment as a veil. However, despite its proficiency, its predatory status does not concern it, the perfect predator does not focus on reputation. Only one thing is on its mind. Replication. This is why the predator has such a prominence. Only one focus. The hunt for a host. The perfect predator is a parasite.

If evil had a flavor it would taste bitter with anger, suffering and cold revenge, unpleasant with malicious ambition. If wickedness possessed a smell it would be of blood, tainted with the very evil itself. One thing evil does have however is a feeling, one of contamination, one of fear, anger; retribution. This feeling can possess many forms, burning hatred, detrimental intent and supremacy. This very corruption falls as if a veil over the predator, a tool to drive itself forward, a way to masquerade its true intentions; a stealth. Evil is not only sinister and corrupt but cunning and ruthless, it establishes the ability to sacrifice anything in the way of the all-important goal of undiluted domination. Encompassed in obscurity, undefined within the convoluted surroundings the perfect predator encroaches on its prey. Surroundings that once provided comfort and security now provide a vulnerability; like a tiger in the long grass.

Nothing lasts forever; however, any creature’s survival that is forestalling and further impeding the domination of the perfect predator is tremendously lessened. Two beings; the perfect predator; the helpless prey, are formed as one. The combination of two beings; one fragile and delicate in contrast to a hardened monster, causes inevitable pandemonium. Although swift and efficient this execution is crude, precision is not a concerning factor, all that matters is time. The parasite has begun the process of replication; all of the prey’s defensive barriers are crumbled as the parasite begins to take over.

A membrane is the outer layer of an organism, providing protection and ease, surrounding the entire being in an unbroken, seamless layer, equipping the best possible protection from malicious outer entities. This perfect layer; cleaved, entirely fragmented, a conglomeration of smithereens; concealed within self-made destruction resides the perfect predator. Now its flawless, cryptic process of destruction spurred with urgency; apprehension. There is always a bigger fish in the sea, and soon the predator will be prey. Undeterred, even compelled further to fulfill its ambition; chaos ensues. Infection; extending towards cataclysmic levels, consumes the defenseless prey, corrupting every fiber of its being. Driven to insanity the prey breaches its most fundamental instinct. Survive redefining the very constitution of its mass into another creature, into the perfect predator, succumbing finally to the parasite, causing its own inevitable demise.

The perfect predator has completed its ultimate ambition, with billions of other parasites, identical to itself that will repeat the same process, hunting helpless prey relentlessly. Finally, the perfect predator is cornered, the bigger fish has finally hunted it down, but its efforts are too little, too late; the infection is now growing at an exponential rate. The decrease of the original perpetrator, the perfect predator is anticlimactic at best, an antibody consumes the single virus, the momentous legion of perfect predators number falls by one. A futile effort by the unsuspecting cell, as the body of the human it was tasked to protect begins to shut down. The hemorrhagic fever. The Marburg virus is triumphant. A battle would imply the prey ever had a chance; this is a massacre.

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  1. Well done, Leon. A clever concept that is becoming realised through in-depth descriptions and purposeful syntax. Just watch your punctuation use in places- read this writing out loud to ensure that you are not confusing commas with full-stops.
    You will need to complete this 3.4 creative writing this week- see me about the timeframe (final lessons available).

  2. An engaging opening! Leon, I think that you should read this writing out loud, adding full-stop breaks in places (where you have used comma pauses). The reason for this, is that when you read the narrative out loud, you are going to hear where you want to separate ideas/where you should have a break and where you do need to flow ideas together.
    Continue to write this piece until it is completed and then I will have a final look at it.
    * Effective vocabulary used.


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