22nd September 2017

3.4 Creative In a foreign setting

A virus overtaking a cell

  • could be a human cell or animal
  • I want the disease to be deadly, not well known and preferably untreatable
  • base all events on scientific fact,

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  • The marburgvirus is a hemorrhagic fever virus
  •  hemorrhages is bleeding, it can be both internal and external
  • generally, are 80nm long or 80×10^-9m
  • generally u-shaped
  • extremely rare only 315 recorded infections with 275 deaths, an 87.3% fatality rate, a very deadly condition.
  • infects Niemann Pick 1, a membrane protein residing in the 18th chromosome
  • Firstly the Marburg virus binds to the receptors on the cell
  • A cell receptor is a protein molecule on the outside of a cell that receives chemical signals
  • A lipid bilayer is a polar membrane, with having a separation of electric charge. These Lipid bilayers make up the cell membranes of most living cells and viruses
  • The second step in the viruses reproduction is Lipid bilayer fusion where the two lipid bilayers join
  • The third step in the virus replication is the release of the virus nucleocapsid into the cell’s Cytosol
  • Cytosol is the liquid found inside of cells
  • The viruses genetic information is then copied onto the cell’s RNA, this effectively turns the cell into a virus-producing machine, creating structural and non-structural proteins of new viruses
  • The cell then destroys its self by using its own proteins for creating up to billions of viruses


Momentous evil is noxious, spiteful, an obsession of malicious intent. A pure will for self-replication, the perfect predator only comprehends their own survival, does not offer the slightest trace of compassion, a perfect predator can survive forever without sustenance, without respiring in the harshest conditions imaginable. A perfect predator is only constricted by its ability to reproduce, a being that is consumed by the will to dominate, to overtake and surpass anything less able than it, and as a perfect predator anything less than it is a category that broadened to the entire animal kingdom. However its predatory status does not concern it, only one thing is on its mind, replication, the hunt for a host. The perfect predator is a parasite.

If evil had a flavor it would taste bitter, bitter with anger, unpleasant with malicious ambition, if it possessed a smell it would be of blood, tainted with the very evil itself, one thing evil does have however is a feeling, it can possess many forms, burning hatred, malicious intent and domination. This corruption falls as if a veil over the predator, a way to masquerade its true intentions; a stealth, evil is not only sinister and corrupt but cunning and ruthlessness, it establishes the ability to sacrifice anything in the way of the all-important goal. encompassed in obscurity, undefined within the convoluted surroundings the perfect predator encroaches on its prey.

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  1. Well done, Leon. A clever concept that is becoming realised through in-depth descriptions and purposeful syntax. Just watch your punctuation use in places- read this writing out loud to ensure that you are not confusing commas with full-stops.
    You will need to complete this 3.4 creative writing this week- see me about the timeframe (final lessons available).


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